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About Motorsports Northeast (MSNE)

The Motorsports Northeast (MSNE) (formerly known as the M Club) was founded almost two decade ago by Peter Pivko, a dedicated enthusiast with more than 30 years of autocross experience in Canada and the North East USA. Since 2001 with his partners, Michael Gershanok and Paul Lopez, The Motorsports Northeast (MSNE) is uniting a wide range of performance-oriented enthusiasts in their love for cars and desire to improve on their driving abilities and skills in a safe and controlled environment. Since 2006, as the result of the M Club merger with the NASA-X program (formerly part of the NASA NE), the new Motorsports Northeast (MSNE) was formed, joining enthusiastic forces of two organizations into one.

Autocrossing is the primary activity of the club, which takes place in a large parking lot at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. Elevating the traditional autocross more towards a road course like experience, with open, 2rd gear, 30 to 50 mph courses.

Cars are classified in limited numbers of classes, which includes a class for the open wheel racecars. Classification is based on cumulative observation and evaluation of the cars handling characteristics, including horsepower-to-weight ratio, body style, suspension set up and different modification parameters, which are somewhat less restrictive than for example, the SCCA rules. We allow a wider margin of modifications within the class, while maintaining a balance of competitiveness. There are no cars or models excluded from competing, besides SUVs or cars with high risk of roll over.

The regular season runs from the beginning of March to the end of November with at least twelve autocrosses on the schedule, culminating with the annual year-end banquet, where season trophies awarded to the best in classes. Event trophies are also given out at the end of each autocross for the best times in each class. For the season standings, drivers are awarded points for the fastest run times and consistency, which is the sum of the average and the standard deviation values of the times.

Each event consists of a optional course walk through, and seven to nine competition runs.

Instructions are available during the events from the club’s approved experienced instructors. Safety requirements are similar to the most of the clubs as far as no loose objects in the car, secured helmets, safety belts, rolled down windows, are concerned.

In addition to autocross events, The Motorsports Northeast (MSNE) in association with the NASA NE offering road course driving schools at some of the most famous tracks throughout the North East (Lime Rock Park, Pocono Raceway, Watkins Glen) and conducts 4 to 5 Time Trial competitions a year, during which drivers are placed together 3 in a group of a comparable speed and released to the track with the safe margin of separation to complete a warm up, 3 timed and a cool down lap. Competitors are scored on the best lap time with the points accumulated through the season for the year-end awards, as well as contributing points for the best of 2 Time Trial events towards the autocross series. Starting from 2005 season, we added another exciting venue to the roster of the events offered at the track, as the joint venture with PDA, available to the drivers in the advanced HPDE running groups of both clubs – “Hot Lap Trials” (HLT) – running with hot lap in-car timing transponders, during regular HPDE day, following all the strict rules of safety and conduct of the driver’s ed program, including point by passing in the dedicated zones, etc. Participants are scored on the basis of the best lap time of the day in the respective classes, accumulating points through the season as a separate series.

The Motorsports Northeast (MSNE) also offers a limited attendance autocross training sessions during summer period at the morning hours of the Friday afternoon autocrosses, ranging from schools for novices to the exercises for the advanced drivers, which became another new and successful venue in recent years. Autocrosses on Friday’s afternoons run from 3 to 8 pm, offering the regular format of 9+ competitive runs, allowing even “late” arrival for drivers (as late as 4:30 pm), upon prior arrangements and on-line pre-registrations. We strive to remain a friendly, members oriented local club, dedicated to the interests in skills of car control, high speed driving in the safe environment of the proper facility and instructions.

As the result of the merger with NASA-X and further strengthening ties with NASA NE in conducting different venues and honoring each other memberships, the new powerhouse of the Motorsport activity in the Northeast region emerged, offering the widest range of services and activities for members from the teen schools and autocrosses to the competition schools and road racing, unmatched by any other organization!

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