The 2010 season is almost here upon us!

We are very glad to announce the return to the Giants Stadium with the autocross competition events as well as autocross schools, after a one year hiatus, caused by the ongoing construction at the Sports Complex.

With the new Stadium and the new management, came the new pavement (good news!) as well as the new higher rental price (bad news!). Despite all the bad news in life, we are determined to move forward running the full exciting season, capitalizing on the good news.

The format of our events this season will be slightly different. Now we need all of our future participants pay attention to the description of the new format below.

Here is the schedule for the season (note – we may have few more dates in the fall):

As you noticed, we are back with two “Friday” events running ever so popular schools in the morning, followed by the regular event in the afternoon. The schools will be limited to 20 drivers (all levels). As usually, we will maintain the high ratio of instructors per drivers (1 to 2) and provide the ability to learn customized and geared to the driver’s individual needs. The schools will run from 8 am to 2 pm and offer 30 to 40 runs per driver. The school attendance fee will be $150 per driver.

The regular event will start at 3 pm and run until finished, typically until 7 pm, providing 8 runs. The attendance will be limited to 75 cars. The on site registration for the afternoon Friday runs will be open at 2 pm. As before, we will accept “late arrivals” (up to 4 pm) with the prior notice.

The biggest change in the format will be coming with our regular Sunday events.

Each event (Sunday am, pm or Friday pm) will cost $50 per driver to attend.

In the total season end points count at least 2 events will be dropped.

We encourage all participants to make the best effort possible to adhere to the timely arrival, work assignments, etc. to help the general flow of the events, to facilitate smooth transitions, which will be very critical for our overall success.

All events will be run on the Lot J (formerly Lot 18).

On line pre-registration ( for the April 11th runs (A and B) will be open on Sunday, March 14th.

The pre-registration for the rest of the events will be open 4 weeks prior to the date of the upcoming event.

In addition to the autocross schedule, we will offer our drivers to participate in the full HPDE program at the local tracks through the affiliation with NASA NE/PDA. Their schedule is posted at or

We will run at least one Time Trial (Solo I type) at the East Course of the Pocono International Speedway, on Friday, July 16th as part of the NASA NE Grand Slam weekend. Interested drivers will have an option of registering through NASA NE/PDA for a full day of action running all 3 configurations (8! Run groups a day) and running TT for free, or registering through our site and run 1 warm up session and TT in the afternoon for $60.

The TT runs will be counted towards the autocross season points.

We hope to see all of you attending, and having exciting, fun and safe season ahead!